We live in the three states of waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. Each disappears to give way to another in turn. Only the witness of these states, the Self, does not change. According to yoga philosophy, beyond the three states lies the fourth state, or Turiya. It is believed that the realisation of the Self brings sustained peace and joy. 

Simple, effective, adaptable. In this way of teaching, we helped clients from a wide range of backgrounds improve their physical and mental wellbeing over the years in Hampshire. Now based in Dartmouth, we provide retreats and classes in South Hams.

Yoga Retreats

Yoga Supper Evenings​

Dates through out 2019

Dartmouth waterfront

Take a bespoke class to focus on your individual practice. Where appropriate, we will provide guidance, adjustments, supervisions, or just time and space to relax. You...
Private Yoga / Meditation Class
1 hr


“Dear Qiao, thank you for being such an inspiring yoga teacher. You bring the essence of yoga together so beautifully, the exercise, spirituality and well being. Take care and I hope our paths meet again some time. Best wishes”

— Diane, workplace yoga class

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